Urethral catheter

Used for temporary transurethral drainage of the upper urinary tract and for retrograde pyelography
A catheter made from RUSCHELIT (PVC), with the introducer, markers for the right and left sides of the catheter, marks each cm, length 70 cm, diameter 3-12 CH, 1 side hole. Sterile
  • Loop ureteral catheter with the stylet, length 75 cm, the size of the loop 3 - 7 cm, straight type, size of the stones - 4 and 5
  • Urethral balloon catheter made from PVC, grey, with the stylet, balloon made from SiLaSil, Luer-Lock adapter with the valve, markers for the right and left sides, marks in cm, length 75 cm, 3 holes, cylinder capacity: 5.0 ml of air /2.5 ml of liquid, sterile.
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