Rusch Percutaneous Nephrostomy Catheter sets

Used for percutaneous drainage of the pyelocaliceal system and for the treatment of obstructive uropathy.
The 2-way technique is less traumatic, technique simplifies installation and shortens the procedure comparing to the traditional 3-way technique.
  • Puncture needle made from stainless steel, 2 parts, diameter 1.3 mm = 17,5G, Luer-Lock adapters, labelling for ultrasound search, puncture depth - approximately 20 cm.
  • The spiral stylet, fixed, rounded flexible tip 10 cm, Teflon coating, with the rectifier.
  • Extender with a lock made from WIRUTHAN, radiocontrast, white, conical tip with a central hole, Luer-Lock adapters, a length - 16 cm,
  • Drainage catheter made from WIRUTHAN, radiocontrast, white, drainage holes along the conical part of a bend with the central hole, with a rectifier, a Luer-Lock fixed adapter with a tip, with grooves for the thread, a length- approximately 30 cm.
  • Adapter made from RÜSCHELIT, with an introducer Luer-Lock and a funnel for connecting to the urinal.
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