Epidural anaesthesia sets

Two sizes, one optimum system. EpiStar offers you twofold benefits 16 / 18G; reduced puncture trauma with 18 G needle and reduced flow resistance due to large lumen catheter . The needle has a small 18 G outer diameter, while the Epistar catheter has an interior lumen the same size as that of a standard 16 G catheter. Designed with a less traumatic rounded needle tip closed-type for optimal and safe penetration characteristics, metal balloon on the tip is an additional Ro-mark, lateral eyes along the catheter tip improve fluid aspiration and anaesthetic administering. The sets for epidural anaesthesia are latex-free, PVC-free, well-packed and sterile.
  • Catheter Epistar, 900 mm
  • EpiStar Tuohy needle, 18 G
  • Tuohy needle adapter
  • Filter
  • LOR syringe
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