RÜSCH is a brand, a quality mark and it is more than hundred year experience of production of medical supplies. Cooperation with the prominent clinics and experts in the medical field ensures the quality of products and their competitiveness all over the world.
  • The sets are designed for suprapubic bladder drainage. The set can be used as a treatment for acute and chronic urinary retention. More info
  • The company offers a large variety of catheters for standard drainage, made from silicone and SiLaSil (latex covered with silicone). The catheters are transparent, have colour coding and are made for single-use. More info
  • Used for post-operational drainageMore info
  • Advantages of the catheter system are that the patient can independently complete the application process as the catheter has the hydrophilic coating.More info
  • All stents are made from thermoplastic polyurethane and have high biocompatibility. Ureteral stents can be used for temporary internal drainage of the pelvis of the kidney. Stents are essential in the treatment of urolithiasis, strictures in connection pelvis and ureter and of the inflammatory diseases of the kidney. DD-lock (Directable / Disconnectable) is the locking mechanism that can be directed and disconnected. The stent and introducer are connected directly to the conductor that allows for full control of movement during placement and, if necessary, it is possible to change position after the placement. There are two types of the stents: open-ended (with the open ends on the both sides) for installation on a conductor and closed-ended (closed end on the side of the kidney, the open end on the side of the bladder) for simultaneous installation of the stent with a conductor.More info
  • Used for temporary transurethral drainage of the upper urinary tract and for retrograde pyelographyMore info
  • Used for percutaneous drainage of the pyelocaliceal system and for the treatment of obstructive uropathy.
    The 2-way technique is less traumatic, technique simplifies installation and shortens the procedure comparing to the traditional 3-way technique.More info
  • Field of use: Lithoextractors (Dormia basket) are designed to remove calculus from the urinary tract. Also, extractors can be used with the flexible and sharp ureterorenoscopes. The spiral shape of the basket facilitates maintenance and removal of the stones. More info
  • Sterile, latex-freeMore info
  • Two sizes, one optimum system. EpiStar offers you twofold benefits 16 / 18G; reduced puncture trauma with 18 G needle and reduced flow resistance due to large lumen catheter . The needle has a small 18 G outer diameter, while the Epistar catheter has an interior lumen the same size as that of a standard 16 G catheter. Designed with a less traumatic rounded needle tip closed-type for optimal and safe penetration characteristics, metal balloon on the tip is an additional Ro-mark, lateral eyes along the catheter tip improve fluid aspiration and anaesthetic administering. The sets for epidural anaesthesia are latex-free, PVC-free, well-packed and sterile.More info
  • Needles for spinal anaesthesia have individual packaging, sterile, latex-free. More info
  • Oropharyngeal airway made from RUSCHELIT, SiLaSil, latex-free, multiple use. More info
  • The newest addition of endotracheal tubes. The new soft thermoplastic provides more comfort to the patient. The tube becomes soft and imitates the anatomy of airways. More info
  • PercuQuick is a percutaneous tracheostomy set, sterile, latex-free.More info
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