Bacterial / Viral filter Iso-Gard

Bacterial / viral filters are designed to be used during inspiration and expiration in the respiratory system to protect the patient and equipment for anaesthesia and intensive care in the hospitals.
Instruments for single use. Maximum utilization time is 24 hours. Do not use in case of inconsistency of packaging.
Medium - hydrophobic depth filter made of polypropylene, electrostatically charged
Tidal volume - 150–1000 ml
Connectors - 15M/22F–22M/15F
How to use:
  • Place the filter in a vertical position
  • Tube (breathing circuit) should be at the level lower than the filter
  • Connect the gas supply tube
  • Connect and disconnect the filter by turning it
  • Condensate may accumulate on the patient side of the product. To prevent accumulation of condensate, position filter to allow water to drain away from upstream side of the filter.
  • Take total system dead space into consideration if used as an HME.
  • Do not soak, rinse, wash or sterilize (gas, steam or cold) this product.
  • Discard after use.
  • Reuse of medical devices intended for single use can cause a loss of functional capacity and reduced efficiency. Reusing disposable products also leads to viral, bacterial, fungal and other opportunistic complications. Existing methods of cleaning and sterilization, as well as re-treatment are not applicable on these products. The product is not a subject to cleaning, disinfection or sterilization
  • Replace filter immediately if there is increasing resistance or any suspicion of contamination, occlusion or other indications of malfunction present.
Make sure if you use drugs with surfactant properties that the hydrophobic pores are not blocked This can happen if drugs are nebulized in a circuit with a cascade humidifier. Always consult with your drug manufacturer before nebulization of drugs or solutions for the first time.
Storage conditions
In a dry, dark place, at the temperature of 0C + 25C
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