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Central venous catheters

ARROW kits with central venous catheters are presented by more than two hundred names. These are CANNON II PLUS catheters for adults, pediatric ones, for dialysis, for mass infusions, single- and multi-lumen, permanent tunneled catheters for chronic haemodialysis. The highest quality of Arrow products is achieved by continuous control of each production step.

The catheters are made from bioinactive thermoplastic polyurethane, radiopaque throughout the catheter length. The catheter thermal plasticity allows to keep enough rigidity at room temperature that eases the catheter positioning, and becomes softer and more flexible due to patient’s body temperature, making no damages to vessel walls. To prevent any damage of the vascular endothelium in positioning, all Arrow catheters are fitted with specific atraumatic soft Blue FlexTip® tip. Arrow Company developed Seldinger catheterization technique modification for central veins with Arrow® Raulerson syringe. Hermetic metal shaft mounted into the plunger allows to insert the introducer directly through the syringe connected to the needle or plastic hub. Such catheterization technique allows to exclude doctor’s contact with patient’s blood, avoid potential air embolism, blood loss and repositioning of puncture needle in syringe disconnection in order to insert the introducer , and cuts any probability of the catheter contamination in its positioning. The kits comprising such syringe may be especially recommended for use in clinics conducting emergency procedures for their patients, as a rule, being not examined for dangerous haemotransmissible infections.

CV series
represented by simple and inexpensive kits comprising all accessories required to position catheter.

  • introducer
  • puncture needle
  • syringe
  • vascular dilator
  • catheter anchors

CS and ES series

Kits for the central vein catheterization which meet the most up-to-date safety requirements. The kit, besides similar CV series assembly, comprises plastic hub mounted on the needle, which is positioned on the central vein instead of common puncture needle. Therefore, «cutting-off» risk of the j-shaped introducer tip by needle in its removal is diminished. Furthermore, certain auxiliary accessories may be included into such kits (UserGard®needleless injection connector, Luer-Slip syringe 5 ml).

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