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Set for central venous catheterization ARROW, three-channels

Central venous catheter made of radiopaque polyurethane, characterized by thrombogenicity and high biological compatibility. Polyurethane catheters have sufficient rigidity at room temperature, which facilitating their implementation and becomes more flexible at body temperature, ensuring minimal trauma vessels.
3-translucent catheters allow simultaneously inject incompatible drugs and solvents, conduct blood sampling and take testing, do hemodynamic monitoring, as well as the use of a modified catheter, allow visualization of the anatomy of the heart and large vessels. In addition, 3-translucent catheters are often used during prolonged antibiotic - and chemotherapy.
3-translucent catheters holes located on the ends and along the length of the catheter, so that each hole is shifted at 90 º relative to the previous one, to avoid mixing input solvents. There is the marking of the type of channel (proximal, medial, distal) and distance (in cm) to the outlet channel at the port of each channel. Catheters are used in paediatric anesthesiology, intensive and chemotherapy.
Storage Regulations
The products should be stored in its own original packaging in a dry place, preferably sheltered from direct and indirect sources of light and heat.
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