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Arrow International Company started its operations in 1975, and in 1977, has launched its first products (catheters). The company's specialists constantly engaged in developing innovative technologies for the production of high-quality medical products for vascular access.
In 2007, Arrow International joined the Teleflex group. Today, Arrow International is a world leading supplier of tools and materials for invasive manipulations, including vascular access, monitoring blood flow, regional anaesthesia. All products are characterized by high quality and meet international standards.
  • Central venous catheter made of radiopaque polyurethane, characterized by thrombogenicity and high biological compatibility. Polyurethane catheters have sufficient rigidity at room temperature, which facilitating their implementation and becomes more flexible at body temperature, ensuring minimal trauma vessels.More info
  • ARROW dialysis sets of catheters have various assembly and series of features. The simplest CV sets differ by minimum cost and comprise required minimum of catheterization accessories for Seldinger technique. CS sets comprise plastic needle-mounted catheter for safe introducer introduction, in the series of sets – Arrow® Raulerson syringe.

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  • ARROW kits with central venous catheters are presented by more than two hundred names. These are CANNON II PLUS catheters for adults, pediatric ones, for dialysis, for mass infusions, single- and multi-lumen, permanent tunneled catheters for chronic haemodialysis. The highest quality of Arrow products is achieved by continuous control of each production step.

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  • A new possibility to save vital vascular approach for patients undergoing chronic haemodialysis.

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