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Всемирно известный производитель медицинского оборудования и инструментария для различных отраслей медицины. Приборы производства Нью Мед подходят для использования в условиях здравоохранительного учреждения, а также достаточно просты для домашней эксплуатации. Исключительное качество продукции обеспечивает стабильный рост спроса на товары New Med.

  • Diabetes requires special attention. Patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes often need regular measurement of blood glucose level. The analysis can be conducted in the laboratory and even at home, thanks to the modern technologies developing year after year. To do this, you need a small device called blood glucose meter, or a glucometer.

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  • For a regular blood glucose measurement, it’s necessary to provide a significant supply of consumables, in particular, test strips. As a rule, there are a few test strips in the initial set for monitoring of glycemia, therefore it is important to take care to provide more so indicators are always available.

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  • Powdered and non-powdered
    Increased strength, better protection during surgical procedures
    Gloves have a fully anatomical shape
    Material softness provides enhanced comfort during the surgery
    High flexibility
    Micro-textured working surface on the palm and fingers offers necessary strength of the capture in both wet and dry gloves
    Roller at the end of the cuff eases dressing of the gloves, the roller prevents folding of the cuff and fixes glove on the clothes More info
  • Powdered and non-powdered
    Protect against infection and skin contact with chemicals and highly resistant materials
    Textured surface of the fingers
    An alternative for people allergic to latex
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  • Powdered and non-powdered
    Ensure protection of medical staff during the performance of different procedures
    Softness of the material provides a comfort and perfect fit
    Roller at the end of the cuff eases dressing of the gloves, the roller prevents folding of the cuff
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  • The innovative product for treatment of the respiratory system diseases and complications. Can be used in hospitals as well as for homecare. The reliable and powerfull compressor provides the continious operation cycle, and high medication delivery rate.
    The compact design allows comfortable transportation with the help of embedded handle.
    The devise is supplied together with the RF8 Plus nebulizer equipped with a valve system, and also with a kit of comfortable Soft Touch face masks for adults and children.
    This model is equipped with the accessories compartment for storing the accessories when they are not in use.

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  • The new compact model designed for frequent use at home.
    Provides fast delivery of drugs through a nebulizer RF8, while providing optimal nebulization. Due noiseless operation and the possibility to regulate the delivery rate, this model is an ideal choise for use at home by the whole family. The extra soft Soft Touch mask provides more comfortable treatment.

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