Needle for mechanical biopsy of soft tissues, guillotine-type. The disposable needle for soft tissue biopsy by the way of cannula displacement manually in the line with stylet.

  • The cannula is sharpened in "Menghini" type that allows cross section and seizure of samples;
  • The stylet is ultra triple-sharpened that allows optimal introduction even into fibroid masses, and 20 mm-length specimen extraction.

Sliding stopper and centimeter marking on the cannula for a flash estimation of the needle intervention depth.

  • The needle has inner echo-marker to enhance visualization under USI guidance to prevent adverse cell expansion within procedure;
  • 10 mm length stopper for specimen collection;
  • Luer-lock connector to connect syringe, if cellular aspiration is needed.

Gauge 14-18; Length 100-150 mm.

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