Suture material VICRYL RAPIDE

Suture material Vicryl Rapid is a synthetic sterile surgical absorbable suture material, which is consist of 90% of the glycolide and 10% L-lactide. The empirical formula of copolymer - (S2H2O2) m (C3H4O2) n. Vicryl Rapid is characterized by rapid loss of tensile strength which is the result of using a polymer with a lower molecular weight than conventional suture material Vicryl (Polihlaktin 910). Suture material Vicryl Rapid is obtained by coating wicker floss copolymer consisting of 90% caprolactone and 10% glycolide, which is then coated by copolymer composition consisting of equal parts of glycolide and lactide (Polihlaktina 370) and calcium stearate. Copolymer polihlaktin 910 and its coverage proved as antigenic, pyrogen-free and cause weak tissue reaction during absorption period.
Suture materials Vicryl Rapid supplied unpainted or painted purple D & C - №2 (colour code number: 60725) during polymerization. Suture materials Vicryl Rapid may have different thickness and length of the thread, come alone or with needles made of stainless steel of various types and sizes. A full description is given in the catalogue. Tensile strength units of Vicryl Rapid meets standards of US Pharmacopeia (U.S.P.) for collagen sutures and European Pharmacopoeia for "Sterile fibres dissolve" (except minor exceedances of acceptable specifications diameter in some cases).
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