Suture material MONOCRYL

Suture material MONOKRYL designed for approximation and \ or ligation of soft tissues in areas where the use of absorbable sutures is required.
MONOKRYL is a synthetic sterile surgical monofilament absorbable suture material, made of a copolymer of glycolide and epsilon-caprolactam. The empirical molecular formula of polymer - (C2H2O2) m (C6H10O2) n. It is shown that the copolymer Polihlekapron 25 has no antigenic and pyrogenic properties and causes only slight tissue reaction during resolving. Suture material is coloured purple MONOKRYL * D & C - №2 (colour code number: 60725) during polymerization. There are also MONOKRYL produced. Suture material MONOKRYL may have different thickness and length, delivered alone or in combination with needles of various types and sizes made of stainless steel of various types and sizes. Needles can be with permanently attached thread or be of type CR (control release), which means the controlled release and allows the needle to release a thread without cutting the latter. A detailed description is given in the catalogue. MONOKRYL meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia for "Sterile synthetic braided absorbable sutures" and USP for "surgical absorbable sutures" (except a small diameter exceeding).
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