Ethicon activity comprises Ethicon Wound Closure Solutions Group – the world-known manufacturer of suture materials and other innovative surgical wound closure solutions. The principal products of Ethicon Wound Closure Solutions Group are the state-of-the art surgical suture, hi-tech solutions for hernia repair, skin adhesives and drainage used almost in all areas of open surgery and endosurgery.
  • VICRYL* sutures are intended for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in ophthalmic surgery, peripheral nerve anastomosis and microsurgery for vessels less than 2 mm diameter. The safety and effectiveness of VICRYL* sutures in cardiovascular tissue have not been established.More info
  • Suture material Vicryl Rapid is a synthetic sterile surgical absorbable suture material, which is consist of 90% of the glycolide and 10% L-lactide. The empirical formula of copolymer - (S2H2O2) m (C3H4O2) n. Vicryl Rapid is characterized by rapid loss of tensile strength which is the result of using a polymer with a lower molecular weight than conventional suture material Vicryl (Polihlaktin 910). Suture material Vicryl Rapid is obtained by coating wicker floss copolymer consisting of 90% caprolactone and 10% glycolide, which is then coated by copolymer composition consisting of equal parts of glycolide and lactide (Polihlaktina 370) and calcium stearate. Copolymer polihlaktin 910 and its coverage proved as antigenic, pyrogen-free and cause weak tissue reaction during absorption period.More info
  • Suture material MONOKRYL designed for approximation and \ or ligation of soft tissues in areas where the use of absorbable sutures is required. More info
  • Синтетичний стерильний шовний матеріал, що не розсмоктується (Поліамід 6)

    More info
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