NTLC Linear cutter stapler

NTLC – the linear cutter stapler providing 6-row stapling with adjustable 1,5; 1,8; 2,0 mm height of closed staple by titanium alloy 3D-shaped staples with simultaneous cutting of tissues between the third and fourth staple rows.


Thoracic surgery and gastrointestinal open surgery.


Working length: 55 mm, 75 mm.
Stapling row number: 6.
Consumable materials: cartridges.
Staple closure height: adjustable, depending on chosen one - 1,0; 1,5; 1,8 mm.
Staple material: titanium alloy.
Total stapling number: 12.


The stapler body provides parallel jaw closure that ensures quality staple forming of uniform height throughout the stapling length. The titanium alloy properties prevent reverse opening of the staples already set. Machine stitch runs across the cutting line minimum for 1,5 staples, providing the stapling seal.

6-row stapling formation with staple volume 3D closure extends total area of tissue compression and improves haemostasis.


A single cartridge provides 3 versions of stapling: 1,5; 1,8; 2,0. The staple closure adjustable height allows to adapt to any clinical situation.

When cartridge is exhausted, wrongly inserted or missed, the stapler blocking prevents from tissue cutting without their prior stapling.

Jaw closure in-between position allows to set tissues properly in the jaws before stapling, as well as the stapler use by one hand only.

Holding shoulder of the tissue caught by the jaws prevents their slipping out while stapling.

Both-sided stapling is possible due to stapling reverse lever.

The handle rubber-coated nonslip.

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