LIGACLIP Clip applier and clips

LIGACLIP - 12 models of reusable clip appliers and 4 sizes of titanium clips provide safe ligation of various diameter vessels.


Open surgeries.


Clips: V-shaped
Closed clip length: 3,0 mm; 5,0 mm; 8,7 mm; 12,0 mm.
Open clip aperture: 2,5 mm; 3,0 mm; 5,5 mm; 8,0 mm.
Clip closure type: distal.
Material: titanium.
Crosswise and lengthwise cuts on the clip inner surface.
Clip applier: cartridges.
Clip applier length: 14,6 cm; 19,0 cm; 26,7 сm.
Working length curve angle: 15° or 45°.
Mezzanine stopper: in models LX.
Jaw atraumatic tips.
Jaw inner surface cuts.


The clips securely rest on vessels or duct due to lengthwise and crosswise cuts on the clip inner surface.
Noninvasiveness and proper visualization are reached due to curved rounded jaws.


The clips are easily caught from the cartridge and securely rested in the jaws without any additional pressure to the clip applier handle due to concordant cuts on the jaw inner surface and clip external surface.

Distal closure type of the clips allows incomplete clip closure on vessels in order to displace and position them in surgery.

Each size has its color marking - the same for clips (packaging) and appliers (handles). 2 versions of working length curve 15° and 45° for handling convenience on the operating table.

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