CONTOUR Curved cutter stapler

CONTOUR- the curved cutter stapler providing 4-row stapling with adjustable 1,5 or 2,0 mm height of closed staple by titanium alloy B-shaped staples with simultaneous cutting of tissues between the second and third staple rows.


Coloproctology surgery.


Curved working length of the stapler:
Cut length: 40 mm.
Stapling length: external – 48 mm, inner – 42 mm.
Stapling row number: 4.
Staple closure height: set, depending on stapler and cartridge -1,5; 2,0 mm.
Consumable material: cartridges.
Staple material: titanium alloy.
Total stapling number: 6.


The stapler body provides parallel jaw closure that ensures quality staple forming of uniform height throughout the stapling length. The titanium alloy properties prevent reverse opening of the staples already set. Machine stitch runs across the cutting line minimum for 1,5 staples providing the stapling seal.


The stapler working length curved anatomically provides deep access in narrow spaces and proper tissue visualization, lower pelvis use.

When cartridge is exhausted, wrongly inserted or missed, the stapler blocking prevents from tissue cutting without their prior stapling.

Jaw closure in-between position allows to set tissues properly in the jaws before stapling, as well as the stapler use by one hand only.

In stapling of large-volume tissues going out the stapler jaws, 2-step stapling is possible. At that, the tissue puncture points by a limiter is stapled that provides the stapling seal.

The tissue limiter prevents the tissue slipping out the jaws and excludes entrapping of surrounding items within the stapling area.

Deep blue and green cartridges are interchangeable.

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