Circular cutter stapler CDH A-SDH A

CDH A-SDH A-Circular cutter staplers with curved or linear shaft provide 2 row stapled suture with adjustable-height staples ranging from 1.0mm to 2.5mm. The suture is formed by B-shaped staples made of titanium alloy with simultaneous tissue cutting while staple release.


Surgical procedures on the esophagus, stomach and intestines.


Head diameter:21 mm, 25 mm, 29 mm, 33 mm
Shaft length: 180 mm.
Shaft form: linear, curved.
Number of stapled rows: 2.
Closed staple height: adjustable 1,0-2,5 mm.
Open staple leg length: 5,5 mm.
Staple material: titanium alloy.
Total number of stapling: 1.


Fixed cast-in-one anvil design and adjustable staple height delivers controlled tissue compression, which is the guarantee of uniform staple height along the entire staple line.

The features of the titanium alloy used for staples fabrication prevent the reverse opening of the already formed staple line.

Longest staple-leg length available (5,5 mm) allows for proper staple formation in thick tissue.


Controlled tissue compression as well as 4 types of head diameter provide the flexibility to adapt to tissue depending on the clinical situation.

Proper visualization of the tissue compression scale with closed staple height marking delivers ease-of-use application.

Non-slip grip and ergonomic design provide increased comfort and control.

Removable low-profile head provides easy insertion of the working part into the organ cavity.

Cutting gasket delivers audible and tactile feedback while tissue stapling and cutting.

Safety fuse prevents accidental stapling.

Wide anastomosis lumen alongside with narrow anastomotic lip makes the device easily extractable from the formed anastomosis without any additional appliance.

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