Optease Temporary Vena Cava filter

OptEase Temporary Vena Cava filter is more capable to prevent pulmonary artery thrombembolism – more than the permanent Vena Cava filter is.

You may remove OptEase temporary Vena Cava filter within 12 days inclusive or leave it as the permanent one.


  • Compatible with 6f introducer (6f - BRITE TIP introducer with radiopaque marker and SLIX haemostatic valve).
  • Design with two baskets (for the most effective thrombotic mass entrapping).
  • Self-aligned mechanism (for optimization of thrombotic mass entrapping and filter removal).
  • Steady to optimal extent (6 outstanding teeth to prevent from filter displacement).
  • A wide range of inferior vena cava diameters (perfect vena cava grasp, up to 30 mm diameter. It is better than in one-level and tapered filters).
  • Easy placement and removal procedure (filter caudal tip hook for grasp and removal ease).
  • Modified vascular dilator angiographic (pressure - 800psi; no need in pigtail catheter, has markings for vena cava diameter measurement; 8 lateral holes; 2 radiopaque markers).

Universal Kit for any approaches:

  • Jugular approach.
  • Cubital approach.
  • Femoral approach.
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