Envoy Instruments for cerebral aneurysm embolization –introducer catheter

ENVOY and ENVOY XB – the wide range of treatment approaches in various procedures.

Soft radiopaque tip minimizes vessel walls exposure. Inner slippery PTFE surface eases instrument advance.

Body: stainless steel and nylon frame braiding / polyurethane coating. MULTI-SEGMENT design (three segments of various flexibility) provides the best support and flexibility combination.

A new Hybrid Braid design allowed to increase flow capacity through catheter significantly, keeping at that perfect support and stability. The form variety extends options for treatment approaches in different procedures:

  • Straight.
  • Multipurpose C.
  • Multipurpose D.
  • Modified Cerebral (Burke).
  • Headhunder 1.
  • Simmons 2.
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