Emerald Diagnostic introducer wire

Emerald Diagnostic introducer -wires are designated to ease percutaneous angiographic catheterization. Nowadays, they are widely utilized in vascular surgery. Their body is made from stainless steel with PTFE coating. Due to such coating the introducer -wire disintegration is diminished to the maximum that enhances its use safety. Certain introducer s are coated with heparin able to reduce blood coagulation that may be actual in series of therapy cases.

Cordis offers a sufficiently wide choice of diagnostic introducer -wires in various assemblies. They differ by diameter, length, configuration, tip form and flexibility extent, such parameters are always indicated on packaging.

Diagnostic introducer -wire features:

  • Good tip capability to keep prior-set curved form that provides prevention of vascular damage in surgeries.
  • Introducer -wire enhanced flexibility – bend by fingers.
  • For patient safety, the introducer -wire is fitted with integrated fail-safety elements preventing its bursting and improving its security.
  • Due to perfect design it helps to cut the procedure duration and surgical material consumption.
  • In conjunction with catheters makes an integral system.
  • Specific packaging of introducer -wires provides its sterility, as well as easy and quick preparation for use.
  • Radiopaque and pyrogen-free introducer -wires.

It is required to read the instruction for use carefully before the introducer -wire utilization and get to know recommendations from the product manufacturer as for its preparation for use. It is important to remember that the introducer -wires are designated for single use only and are not to be re-sterilized.

To be stored in original packaging only, in clean, dry and ventilated places within 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Cordis Cashel assures the product quality and perfect features, when proper storing conditions are met.

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