CODMAN ICP Express monitor

CODMAN ICP express monitor is used for digital display of mean, systolic and diastolic intracranial pressure rates, as well as for analysis of time variations for such rates. The express monitor is the interface between patient monitoring system and CODMAN MICROSENSOR ICP sensor. This monitor is intended to be used in surgery suite or reanimation environment only. It is easy in operating, secure, accurate, to be adjusted easy and fast.

It is important to adhere to the set of rules for the express monitor use:

  • It is required the device is grounded properly. It provides operating safety both for patients and doctors.
  • To avoid any discrepancies in intracranial pressure measurement interpreting before diagnostics is launched, it is important to verify compatibility between the monitoring system and the express monitor.
  • This device is required to be used with compatible equipment: CODMAN MicroSensor ICP sensors, ICP express-cable (under catalogue number 82-6636), CODMAN interface cables, Patient Monitor to connect the monitoring systems.
  • To prevent additional current leakage, it is advisable not to apply express monitor and any other devices for the patient simultaneously.
  • It is not advisable to use for the patient the monitoring system and ICP express monitor simultaneously with electrical surgical equipment.
  • The express monitor is not subject to sterilization.

It is important to read carefully the instruction for use before the device operating and meet all the recommendations contained therein. It is required to address technical experts, when the monitoring system calibration is needed for the ICP express monitor. Appropriate maintenance is provided by specialized centers. Company Johnson & Johnson (USA), the manufacturer of CODMAN ICP express monitor ensures high quality and security of such device.

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