CODMAN MICROSENSOR ICP sensor – this is a tiny tensometric sensor integrated in titanium body and secured at the flexible nylon introducer tip. The sensor allows to measure intracranial pressure in brain parenchyma, as well as the same in subdural and intraventricular spaces.

Such sensor is definitive by precision measurements and reproduction of parameters registered. This is achieved due to the most innovative, up-to-date electronic method of diagnostics. High accuracy reproducing level of ICP wave changes measured by the sensor was evidenced by appropriate studies. It exceeds 10000 Hz that gives good quality assurance for diagnostics. At that, the sensor allows to perform the most attenuated invasion for account of the sensor diameter below 1 mm. The 100 cm-length flexible nylon introducer has markers measuring depth of invasion.

One of the MICROSENSOR sensor values is its operating stability. It was proved by proper monitoring. For the whole period of studies, the most number of sensors show no deviations. The maximum deviation up to 1 mm of Mercury for several sensors only, within 9 days of the sensor testing.

Minimum deviations along with high accuracy extent allow to perform reliable diagnostics. That is why 60% of leading specialists in the area of neurologic reanimation and intensive treatment of Europe and Middle East countries prefer to deal with CODMAN MICROSENSOR ICP sensors.

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