CODMAN MICROSENSOR Intracranial pressure monitoring

CODMAN MICROSENSOR ICP monitoring system is designated to measure intracranial pressure in surgery suite or reanimation environment. It is developed according to the state-of-art technologies in the field of medical diagnostics. The system operating principle is based on electronic communication route.

CODMAN MICROSENSOR, the tiny tensometric sensor, which was successfully tested clinically, is the basis for the system operating. It provides high accuracy readings in the brain parenchyma positioning, as well as the same in subdural and intraventricular spaces. All the intracranial pressure rates provided by the sensor are displayed by CODMAN ICP express monitor which is easy and convenient enough in operating.

The ICP monitoring system is fitted by all necessary instruments for craniotomy in order to position the sensor. They are packaged with account of use sequence. Their sterility is assured. The instrumental set is made for the customer in optimal quality-to-cost ratio.

This ICP monitoring system being the product of reputed Company Johnson & Johnson (USA), complies with all the international quality standards and allows modern high-accuracy diagnostics.

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