Codman develops and markets a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic products for the treatment of central nervous system disorders. Their focus is on Intractable Pain Management, Pediatric & Adult Hydrocephalus, and Neuro Critical Care. Codman's product line includes Drug Pumps, Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunts, Advanced Neuro-Monitoring, and Electrosurgical Systems. Codman also represents a premier line of surgical instruments for all specialties in the Operating Room.
The objectives of Codman are understanding, foresight and customer satisfaction. During last years the Company has displayed steady growth and its history of significant innovations has continued. Today, Codman continues to expand its operations and its horizons. Today Codman produces more than 3 000 items of products, each of which meets the requirements of surgeons and patients.
  • CODMAN MICROSENSOR ICP sensor – this is a tiny tensometric sensor integrated in titanium body and secured at the flexible nylon introducer tip. The sensor allows to measure intracranial pressure in brain parenchyma, as well as the same in subdural and intraventricular spaces.

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  • CODMAN ICP express monitor is used for digital display of mean, systolic and diastolic intracranial pressure rates, as well as for analysis of time variations for such rates. The express monitor is the interface between patient monitoring system and CODMAN MICROSENSOR ICP sensor. This monitor is intended to be used in surgery suite or reanimation environment only. It is easy in operating, secure, accurate, to be adjusted easy and fast.

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  • CODMAN MICROSENSOR ICP monitoring system is designated to measure intracranial pressure in surgery suite or reanimation environment. It is developed according to the state-of-art technologies in the field of medical diagnostics. The system operating principle is based on electronic communication route.

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