LifeScan incorporated in Johnson & Johnson Company Group, is one of the leading manufacturers of blood glucose level control systems under OneTouch® trade name. OneTouch® product quality and accuracy are trusted by patients and health care specialists worldwide.
  • Діабет поширена проблема в сучасному світі. Швейцарська компанія LifeScan допомагає людям боротися з нею. Виробник пропонує сучасну технологічну модель глюкометра Ultra Plus Flex. Цей пристрій відрізняється простотою експлуатації та високою точністю результатів. Для комфорту під час використання виробник розмістив на глюкометр кольоровий індикатор, стрілка на екрані вказує на той колір в діапазоні, якому відповідає результат. Кожен колір діапазону відповідає певним показникам глюкози. Глюкометр OneTouch Ultra Plus Flex дозволить постійно стежити за рівнем глюкози.

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  • OneTouch Select Simple Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter is able to determine quickly and accurately blood sugar level. The device can be easily used at home and it will be a real boon for people who do not want to change their lifestyles after they are diagnosed diabetes. A blood glucose monitor is compact, which allows taking it along for the ride, for business meetings, etc. OneTouch Select Simple requires no coding, while getting results with dangerous levels of blood glucose device alerts with sound. Card that comes with the device, suggest what to do in case of hypoglycemia. More info
  • OneTouch Select Blood Glucose Monitoring System is the best device to measure a blood sugar level. A small drop of blood obtained by a special lancing device is needed for the accurate analysis. The user can adapt quickly and easily to a blood measuring procedure. The device displays the special tips that help to understand how certain foods and portion size can influence the sugar level, which helps to optimize a diet. OneTouch Select Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter has a large screen with large numbers and step-by-step instruction in Russian, which is great for the elderly people.More info
  • OneTouch Select test strips are designed for use with the OneTouch Select meter for quantitatively measuring glucose in whole blood.More info
  • OneTouch ® Ultra® test strips are designed for use with the OneTouch ® Ultra® meter for quantitatively measuring glucose in whole blood.More info
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