TRI-LOCK®Bone Preservation Stem

Threaded insertion feature
Provides excellent stem control during insertion
Reduced lateral shoulder
Designed to preserve greater trochanter and enhance stem insertion through a minimally invasive approach
Gription Fixation Technology
Provides consistent implant seating height and additional initial stability
Reduced distal M/L width
Allows for proper proximal cortical contact and loading in DORR Type A femurs
Extensive size range
Standard and high offsets offered in all sizes, 0-12. Consistent intervals between sizes help achieve proper fit and proper leg length
12/14 Articul/eze™ taper
Maximises range of motion and is designed to eliminate taper to cup impingement
Progressive dual offsets with direct lateralisation
Designed to restore the natural anatomy and provide biomechanical stability
Optimised length
The reduced length of the stem maintains the integrity of the distal femur
Contoured distal tip
Enhances stem insertion through the anterior and anterolateral approaches
Approach enabling instrumentation
Broach handles and stem inserters designed with geometries that facilitate the surgeon’s preferred approach
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