The system is indicated for fixation of soft tissue to bone in Femoral Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (the plate that does not resolve with a suture loop).
  • Button (metal component of implant) : Titanium alloy
  • Loop: preloaded with a green-and-white striped leading suture (ultra high molecular weight polyethene (UHMWPE)
  • White suture: UHMWPE
  • Green suture: #5 Ethibond
  • Size: 15mm - 60mm in increments of 5 mm
  • Pulling strength: 2000N
Technical details:
  • Standard Button: for femoral tunnels 4,5 mm
  • XL Button: for femoral tunnels 6-11 mm
Reusable tool
  • Introducer Needle
  • Reamer 4.5mm
  • Standard meter
  • Multi-meter
  • Tray for sterilization
  • Universal meter together with an introducer needle allows to measure the key performance indicators without additional calculations:
  • The total length of the through femoral canal
  • The length of the submerged graft in femoral canal
  • The size of the implant (loop)
  • The length of the femoral canal
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