Pinnacle™ Hip Solutions

Pinnacle™ Hip Solutions leads through innovation, proven tribological solutions and a complete offering including innovative bearing combinations such as CoMplete.
Patented VIP (Variable Interface Prosthesis) Taper
Advanced modularity Accepts Ceramax™, Ultamet™ and Marathon™ inserts Macro and microstability Locks the insert tightly to the cup.
Dome design
Delivering maximised polyethylene congruency.
Enhanced stability
Accepts range of DePuy high performance bearings for optimised stability and low wear.
Optimised function
Completes the Pinnacle™ portfolio ensuring that patients benefit from DePuy’s High Performance Bearing range, maximising range of movement.
ARDs (Anti Rotation Devices)
Polyethylene inserts feature a rim that locks the liner securely into the Pinnacle™ shell.
Gription Fixation Technology
Provides an advanced, three-dim ensional fixation which is designed to maximise initial stability, that leads to long-term biological fixation.
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