fms duo®+

Automated irrigation control system with integrated shaver
Key features of the system:
  • Integrated Inflow & Outflow fluid management system
  • Integrated shaver
  • Universal interface that coordinates with shaver through adapter cable allows connecting an adapter cable from other producers to the shaver
  • Red Pedal - Lavage mode allows control/stop of bleeding
  • FLOW+ Blue Pedal - Increase flow to clear debris without increasing pressure inside the joint
  • Easy setup and interface of the system
  • Reduction of saline solution usage and operating room time
  • One system provides FILING and suction of water, irrigation and outflow (replaces suction)
  • Both of the systems notify each other and automatically regulate the flow of fluid
  • System provides a continuous flow of fluid, suction of which is made with an outflow cannula that allows without the changes in the joint exempt permanently blood and tissues
  • Using the Tornado shaver handpiece together with an FMS DUO + system, you can control the rotation of the flow, pressure, shaver rotational speed and shaver suction with the help of the pedal
  • Pressing the shaver pedal, system FMS DUO+ recognizes that the shaver uses and automatically closes outflow cannula and activates suction through the shaver at a higher level
  • If it is needed to wash the joint without increasing the pressure inside of it, just press the BLUE pedal and hold (blue color of water)
  • If it is needed to stop the bleeding in the joint, just press the RED pedal (red color of blood). Thus you activate 2-minute cycle of increase of the pressure and fluid flow in the joint on 50%, that increases the fluid pressure in the joint on 50% for 2 minutes
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