DePuy Company, Johnson & Johnson is the pioneer manufacturer of orthopedic implants within USA, one of the leading orthopedic companies worldwide, the founder of the existing orthopedic market. The product range comprises cement and cementless prosthesis for primary and revision arthroplasty.
  • The system is indicated for fixation of soft tissue to bone in Femoral Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (the plate that does not resolve with a suture loop).More info
  • Automated irrigation control system with integrated shaverMore info
  • Coolpulse ™ is the patented innovative technology that provides fast and efficient high-frequency ablation without additional thermal effect on the tissue and this supports clear visualization and high efficiency of procedures.
    VAPR® VUE ™ is the new generation of high-frequency ablation technology Coolpulse ™. More info
  • Threaded insertion feature
    Provides excellent stem control during insertion More info
  • Pinnacle™ Hip Solutions leads through innovation, proven tribological solutions and a complete offering including innovative bearing combinations such as CoMplete.More info
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