Oper dres film

Transparent, polyurethane surgical dressing of hypoallergenic, elastic (adaptable) film, permeable to air and steam, impermeable to water, atraumatic and with antibacterial barrier. With central non-adherent pad with high absorption power.
Designed for the protection of: superficial wounds, surgical wounds, small incisions and excisions, lacerations, abrasions and first degree burns, wounds with mild-moderate exudate and for the fixation of catheters.
  • Support:
    Transparent polyurethane film
    High permeability
  • Adhesive:
    Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive.
  • Pad:
    Non-woven hydrophilic fabric (viscose-polypropylene) protected on the contact side with a perforated non-adherent film.
  • Siliconised paper:
    Protects the adhesive area. Enables fast and easy handling.
  • Protection
    Polyethylene film that protects the polyurethane film
  • Auxiliary adhesive strip:
    Auxiliary strip with sinusoid cut enabling removal of the polyethylene protection after placement of the dressing.
  • “Latex-free product”
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