Oper easy IV

Transparent polyurethane film dressing, hypoallergenic, flexible (adaptable), permeable to oxygen and moisture vapour, impermeable to water, atraumatic and with an antibacterial barrier. Also features a split on one side in order to better hold the intravenous cannula or catheter in place.
Designed to secure and protect peripheral intravenous cannulae and catheters and to protect the point of insertion.
  • Base:
    Transparent polyurethane film
    High permeability
  • Adhesive:
    Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive.
  • Siliconised paper:
    Protects the adhesive area. Allows for rapid and convenient handling.
  • Protective layer:
    Polyethylene film that protects the polyurethane film
  • Auxiliary adhesive strip:
    Auxiliary sinusoidal-shaped strip, enabling removal of the polyethylene protective layer following placement of the dressing.
  • “Latex-free product”
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