Oper cat

Oper cat is a sterile, disposable, self-adhesive dressing pouch for the protection of temporary and permanent catheters. Oper cat is an easy-to-apply dressing pouch for healthcare staff that prevents patient discomfort during its placement and removal. It also improves asepsis and patient quality of life by allowing the patient to wash daily.
Protection for permanent or temporary catheters and heparinised tracks.
  • Upper support
    Transparent polyurethane film
  • Lower support
    Highly porous non-woven fabric
  • Adhesive:
    Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive.
  • Pad:
    Non-weave hydrophilic fabric (viscose-polypropylene) protected on both sides with a perforated non-adherent film.
  • Siliconised paper:
    Protects the adhesive strip. Peels off quickly and easily.
  • “Latex-free product”
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