TenderWet 24

Superabrsorbing dressing
TenderWet® 24 active is a moist wound dressing whose central component is a superabsorbent polymer activated by Ringer’s solution.
TenderWet® active cavity is a dressing activated by Ringer’s solution for tamponing deep wounds and cavities.
TenderWet® 24 active is a moist multi layered wound dressing whose central component is a superabsorbent polymer. The side facing away from the wound has a water-repellent layer, which ensures that moisture is released into the wound over 24 hours yet largely prevents the moisture from striking through the dressing. TenderWet® 24 active has an absorbent core that holds exudate and necrotic tissue. TenderWet® 24 active creates a rinsing effect as large molecule proteins found in dead tissue and bacteria are attracted to TenderWet Active’s core. TenderWet® Active can be left in place for up to 24 hours without drying out, while offering a barrier against microorganisms. By debriding necrotic tissue, absorbing and retaining pathogens, and keeping the wound moist, TenderWet® 24 active helps create an ideal healing environment. The Ringer’s solution in TenderWet® Active contributes electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and calcium to the wound bed. Indications:
  • Wet treatment of wounds with impaired healing
  • Clinically infected wounds and chronic infections
  • Pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers
  • Wounds with necrotic tissue.
At the beginning of the treatment the wound may increase because the wound edges overlap areas of skin that have been damaged before the therapy. This indicates the beginning of the healing process. During the therapy, the redness around the wound can occur, which usually indicates the activation of blood circulation due to cleaning process.
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