Syspur-derm® possesses an unusually high capacity of absorption for exudation and thus ensures rapid and intensive cleansing of infected wounds. On the granulation phase, on cleansed or primarily clean deep skin and soft-tissue defects, the foam cells of Syspur-derm® act as a matrix for the formation of new tissue.
In addition, the densified, fine-pored top layer of Syspur-derm® assumes important physiological properties of natural skin. It acts as a barrier against secondary infection, restricts loss of fluids and, with its permeability to air, ensures the necessary ventilation of the wound.
Syspur-derm® must always be applied with the open-pored side to the wound. The top layer facing away from the wound is marked by a continuous blue stripe. In order to ensure an intensive cleaning and restoration of functional abilities newly-formed tissues, it is necessary to have a contact with the surface for the cleansing and conditioning of the wound.
For the cleansing of wounds, a change of dressing is recommended every 12 to 24 hours. When the wound is clean, Syspur-derm can remain on the wound for conditioning purposes for several days, but the dressing should be checked daily. However, the dressing must be replaced if infection or fluid accumulation occur.
  • For the cleansing of all mechanical and thermal surface wounds, e.g. infected abrasions, infected second and third degree burns, open fractures etc.
  • For the induction of a well vascularized granulation bed on cleansed or primarily clean deep skin and soft-tissue defects, e.g. on extensive mechanical defect wounds, open fractures, after vertical necrectomy, extensive surgical excisions etc.
  • For the undisturbed reepithelialization of clean abrasions and donor sites of skin grafts of after tangential necrectomy.
  • For the cleansing of wounds and the stimulation of granulation in leg ulcers, pressure sores, radiation ulcers etc.
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