Sorbalgon® T is a calcium alginate non-woven wound dressing (or ribbon). In contact with sodium salts – as found in wound exudate – the alginate fibres become gelatinous creating a moist wound environment. This in turn supports the natural healing process.
The non-woven structure of the dressing combined with its physical and chemical properties result in a high absorbency – particularly important in the treatment of moderate to heavily exuding wounds. The material adapts remarkably to the contours of the wound preventing dessication. The change of Sorbalgon® T is painless.
Sorbalgon may be left in-situ for extended periods (up to several days), depending on the level of wound secretion. The dressing should be changed – once it has fully turned into a gel – in accordance with nursing standards.
  • For moderately to heavily exuding deep and cavity wounds
  • For emergency wounds and tumor surgery
  • For abscesses, burns, bedsores
  • For superficial wounds with a small level of secretion
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