PermaFoam is a large-pored hydrophilic foam wound dressing that cleanses wounds quickly and effectively. The fibrin coatings of the wound are absorbed and retained along with exudate and solid materials. Upon dressing change, the wound is cleansed, granulation stimulated and epithelialisation is indirectly promoted. PermaFoam is therefore suitable for the treatment of moderately to severely exuding wounds, requiring removal of coatings and other factors that impair wound healing.
  • PermaFoam® - 2-layer foam dressing
  • PermaFoam® comfort - has an adhesive border coated with an adhesive for better
  • PermaFoam® sacral – self-adherent dressing for the anal crease
  • PermaFoam® сoncave - self-adherent dressing for elbow and heel
  • PermaFoam® cavity - tamponing dressing for deep wounds
  • Suitable for external, heavily to moderately exuding wounds in the cleansing phase and for building up granulation tissue
  • Chronic problem wounds like various types of leg ulcers or pressure ulcers
  • Treatment of infected wounds can be done only in combination with Atrauman Ag
Do not use PermaFoam® and PermaFoam® comfort on sores extending into muscle, tendon or bone, on clinically infected wounds or on chronic infections caused or second- and third-degree burns. Special instructions
Do not use PermaFoam® і PermaFoam® comfort concurrently with oxidants such as oxychloride solutions or hydrogen peroxide. This can damage the foam.
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