Hydrosorb® comfort is a transparent hydrogel dressing consisting of an absorbent polyurethane gel covered with a gas-permeable polyurethane film which is impermeable to liquids and bacteria. The gel includes up to 60% of water.
Hydrosorb® comfort can release moisture and absorb secretions. This provides a moist wound environment which has a stimulating effect on wound healing. Hydrosorb® comfort is transparent, does not stick to the wound and can be removed without leaving any residue. Because of these characteristics, wound inspection is possible at any time without a change of dressing. Irrigation is not necessary for assessing the wound during a change of dressing.
As the exudation decreases, Hydrosorb® comfort can remain in place for up to seven days. Absorption of secretions is apparent as clouding and/or blistering of the dressing. Hydrosorb® comfort should be changed when the blister has approximately reached the dimensions of the wound area.
Hydrogel dressing
Hydrosorb® comfort - self-adherent absorbent hydrogel dressing
  • Treatment of all superficial wounds in the granulation and epithelialisation phase, and can also be used to soften and re-hydrate necrotic tissue.
  • Treatment of bedsores, pressure and diabetic ulcers etc.
  • Treatment of second-degree burns
  • Covering donor and recipient sites in skin grafting, plastic and cosmetic surgery
Do not use on wounds which are clinically infected, likewise on third-degree burns.
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