The Branolind Ointment Dressing consists of wide-mesh cotton fabric, and is impregnated with a drug-free ointment.
Branolind® makes the surface of the wound edges elastic and prevents it from drying out in all stages of wound healing process. The dressing stimulates the processes of granulation and reepithelialisation, helps to prevent scar contractures. Changing of the dressings is painless. The fabric makes access of the oxygen possible and ensures good ventilation wounds. Branolind provides unimpeded drainage of secretions and prevents the formation of moist chambers
  • Treatment and care of superficial wounds (lacerated and contused wounds, abrasions, chemical and thermal burns);
  • Nails removal, plastic and cosmetic surgery, phimosis treatment
  • Skin grafting procedures (for fixation of split skin grafts and coatings places taking a skin graft);
  • Treatment of infected and poorly granulating wounds and as stimulation of epithelialization process (venous and diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, etc.).
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