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PAUL HARTMANN Company is the leading European manufacturer of innovative health care and health-related products. HARTMANN proposes above 2,500 products for health care professionals and medical attendance which facilitate more efficient and saving treatment, improve patients’ state of health and quality of life.
  • Grassolind neutral are non-medicated paraffin gauze dressings for wound treatment, long-term use does not cause sensitization and allergies.
    An ointment consists of white vaseline, diglycerol ester of mono- and dicarboxylic acids and wax. More info
  • Atrauman Ag is a non adherent tulle dressing containing silver with antibacterial properties for atraumatic wound treatment. Atrauman Ag works against Gram-negative as well as Gram-positive bacteria (e.g. Staphylococcus aureus including the MRSA strains).More info
  • Atrauman’s fine mesh fabric of hydrophobic, polyester fibres has mesh pores, neutral ingredients leave the wound free of residues associated with paraffin and Vaseline. This together with the smooth surface structure effectively counteracts adhesion to the wound by preventing new tissue from penetrating the dressing while allowing exudate to pass through. This results in a dressing that is easy to remove with minimum patient discomfort and disturbance to wound.
    Ointment contains fatty acid triglycerides, neutral fats. More info
  • The Branolind Ointment Dressing consists of wide-mesh cotton fabric, and is impregnated with a drug-free ointment.
    Branolind® makes the surface of the wound edges elastic and prevents it from drying out in all stages of wound healing process. The dressing stimulates the processes of granulation and reepithelialisation, helps to prevent scar contractures. Changing of the dressings is painless. The fabric makes access of the oxygen possible and ensures good ventilation wounds. Branolind provides unimpeded drainage of secretions and prevents the formation of moist chambers More info
  • Hydrocoll is a self-adhesive absorbent hydrocolloid wound dressing with a gas-permeable polyurethane cover which is impermeable to liquids and bacteria.More info
  • Amorphous hydrogel in a dosing syringe
    Hydrosorb® Gel provides a moist wound environment helping to promote wound healing. Depending on the condition of the wound, Hydrosorb® Gel softens dry necrotic tissue, facilitates removal of devitalized tissue and absorbs wound slough and exudate where a small amount of exudate is present.
    Hydrosorb® Gel can be washed away using sterile Ringer’s solution or 0,9% sodium chloride saline without disturbing the rest of the wound or damaging newly formed tissue.
    At the beginning of the Hydrosorb® Gel therapy, enlargement of the wound can occur in some cases due to breakdown of irreversibly damaged tissue. Can be left on the wound for 3 days. More info
  • Hydrosorb® comfort is a transparent hydrogel dressing consisting of an absorbent polyurethane gel covered with a gas-permeable polyurethane film which is impermeable to liquids and bacteria. The gel includes up to 60% of water.
    Hydrosorb® comfort can release moisture and absorb secretions. This provides a moist wound environment which has a stimulating effect on wound healing. Hydrosorb® comfort is transparent, does not stick to the wound and can be removed without leaving any residue. Because of these characteristics, wound inspection is possible at any time without a change of dressing. Irrigation is not necessary for assessing the wound during a change of dressing.
    As the exudation decreases, Hydrosorb® comfort can remain in place for up to seven days. Absorption of secretions is apparent as clouding and/or blistering of the dressing. Hydrosorb® comfort should be changed when the blister has approximately reached the dimensions of the wound area. More info
  • Hydrogel foam dressing
    HydroTac® comfort has an adhesive border, which is coated with polyacrylate adhesive.
    HydroTac® concave and HydroTac® comfort/sacral is suitable for the treatment of light to medium exuding wounds, during the granulation and epithelialisation phases. More info
  • PermaFoam is a large-pored hydrophilic foam wound dressing that cleanses wounds quickly and effectively. The fibrin coatings of the wound are absorbed and retained along with exudate and solid materials. Upon dressing change, the wound is cleansed, granulation stimulated and epithelialisation is indirectly promoted. PermaFoam is therefore suitable for the treatment of moderately to severely exuding wounds, requiring removal of coatings and other factors that impair wound healing.More info
  • Sorbalgon® T is a calcium alginate non-woven wound dressing (or ribbon). In contact with sodium salts – as found in wound exudate – the alginate fibres become gelatinous creating a moist wound environment. This in turn supports the natural healing process.
    The non-woven structure of the dressing combined with its physical and chemical properties result in a high absorbency – particularly important in the treatment of moderate to heavily exuding wounds. The material adapts remarkably to the contours of the wound preventing dessication. The change of Sorbalgon® T is painless.
    Sorbalgon may be left in-situ for extended periods (up to several days), depending on the level of wound secretion. The dressing should be changed – once it has fully turned into a gel – in accordance with nursing standards. More info
  • Syspur-derm® possesses an unusually high capacity of absorption for exudation and thus ensures rapid and intensive cleansing of infected wounds. On the granulation phase, on cleansed or primarily clean deep skin and soft-tissue defects, the foam cells of Syspur-derm® act as a matrix for the formation of new tissue.
    In addition, the densified, fine-pored top layer of Syspur-derm® assumes important physiological properties of natural skin. It acts as a barrier against secondary infection, restricts loss of fluids and, with its permeability to air, ensures the necessary ventilation of the wound.
    Syspur-derm® must always be applied with the open-pored side to the wound. The top layer facing away from the wound is marked by a continuous blue stripe. In order to ensure an intensive cleaning and restoration of functional abilities newly-formed tissues, it is necessary to have a contact with the surface for the cleansing and conditioning of the wound.
    More info
  • Superabrsorbing dressing
    TenderWet® 24 active is a moist wound dressing whose central component is a superabsorbent polymer activated by Ringer’s solution.
    TenderWet® active cavity is a dressing activated by Ringer’s solution for tamponing deep wounds and cavities. More info
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