Surgical gowns

Developed and manufactured in accordance with Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC, surgical gowns of various types are suitable for use in various surgical procedures, providing an effective barrier to prevent and / or control of infectious agents transmission.
With variety of performance levels in accordance with EN 13795, surgical gowns STERIBATA® meet all requirements levels with maximum comfort and safety for the patient and medical team.
Advantages :
The patented technology of ultrasonic welding seams, which provides increased durability and impermeability for body fluids through punctures formed by conventional seam.
SMS fabric, liquid repellent and high resistance to tensile and bursting treatment for higher barrier effect
Special alcohol repellent treatment that gives the material properties to not consume alcohol and alcohol-based solutions for enhanced barrier effect.
Wrapped in medical corrugated paper, 45 g, high strength, with two towels
Individual packaging Multivac
The packaging system with double allows full traceability.
The products meet the following standards:
EN ISO 9001; EN ISO 13485; EN ISO 14971; EN 13795; ISO 11607; EN 868-5; EN ISO11737; EN ISO 11135; EN 1041; EN 980
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