Sani-Cloth Active

Sani-Cloth Active is a ready-to-use disinfecting solution in a form of wipes. Designed for disinfection of medical devices and all kind of surfaces in hospital, including alcohol sensitive surfaces, Does not contain alcohol. Remedy has proven bactericidal (including Mycobacterium tuberculosis), antiviral and fungicidal activities. Dries quickly without leaving stains on surfaces.
Does not contain alcohol - good compatibility with plastic used for medical equipment. Short exposure time. Sani-Cloth Active has no odor. Dries quickly without leaving stains on surfaces. Sani-Cloth Active has recommendations from the medical equipment producers: Aloka, Philips, General Electric. Wipe size 13×22 cm and/or 24,5×30 cm.
Fast cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, instruments and medical devices in MPI, beauty salons, barber shop, beauty parlor, educational and social institutions, industry, catering, commerce, transportation, public facilities, etc.
Didecyldimethylammonium chloride - 0,45%
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