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Incidin Plus

Concentrate based Glucoprotamin ®
Glucoprotamin ®, patented company "Ecolab", is derived from a natural product that is a derivative of coconut fatty amines. Its antimicrobial effect has exceeded guanidine or phenol derivatives, so that the remedy has a broad spectrum of activities against microorganisms, including the MRSA and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Excellent cleaning features of product are combined with product safety in use. It is also recommended for disinfection in neonatology.
  • Effective against bacteria (including MRSA against Staphylococcus aureus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis) fungi and viruses (including hepatitis viruses B and C, HIV / AIDS etc.).
  • Compatible with different materials (paint, galvanized and coated materials, glass, rubber, metals and other corrosion resistant and -nonresistant materials)
  • Effective cleaning and disinfection at the same time
  • Reliable protection of objects with high risk
  • Can be used for surfaces, equipment surfaces and all types of tools
  • Time saving
Implementation guidance:
Working solutions are prepared by diluting medium product in the cold water with proportions mentioned in the Methodological guidelines on the application of product.
Composition of product:
100 g of product contains active substance 26 g glucoprotamin
Exclusively for professional use! While using a product, you must comply with the safety regulations. Before using the product, read carefully the Methodological guidelines on the application of product.
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