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Cordis Company is the global leader of the state-of-the-art know-how, treatment method research and development in cardiologic, endovascular and neuroradiological areas of medicine.
  • Emerald Diagnostic introducer -wires are designated to ease percutaneous angiographic catheterization. Nowadays, they are widely utilized in vascular surgery. Their body is made from stainless steel with PTFE coating. Due to such coating the introducer -wire disintegration is diminished to the maximum that enhances its use safety. Certain introducer s are coated with heparin able to reduce blood coagulation that may be actual in series of therapy cases.

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  • Intravascular introduction of surgical and diagnostic devices into coronary or peripheral vascular system.

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  • A new, more accurately driven introducer for improvement of interventional instrument delivery control to any defect location.

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