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Coronary cylinders for predilatation and postdilatation Powerline

Balloon Dilatation Catheters Powerline Take the Fast Track to Superior Patient Outcomes The advanced catheter technology of Powerline™ is designed to offer the right balance of PUSH, TRACK and CROSS to ensure optimal balloon placement and expansion:

  • A. PUSH

    The PTFE-coated hypotube in combination with the power stylet transition in the middle shaft provides the right balance between pushability and trackability offering a smoother force transmission from the proximal to distal portion of the catheter shaft.

  • B. TRACK

    The combination of the Slip-X™ hydrophilic coating and the flexible distal shaft ensure excellent trackability and crossability for complex lesions or tortuous anatomy.

  • C. CROSS

    The flexible low profile tip section with smooth transition and short bonding offers a gradual increase towards the balloon to facilitate lesion entry. The advanced MultiPleat™ folding technology of Powerline™ is designed to offer exceptional lesion crossability and uniform balloon expansion as well as excellent balloon re-wrap and re-cross properties for treating challenging lesions.

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