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Coronary stent systems with BioMatrix Alpha therapeutic coating

The innovative hybrid Cobalt-Chromium Abluminal Biodegradable Polymer DES BioMatrix™ Alpha presents the best in class stent platform design with unique pro-healing coating from the pioneer in abluminal biodegradable technology. It combines the proven safety of a DES with an abluminal biodegradable polymer, the proven efficacy of BA9™ and an innovative cobalt-chromium stent platform design.

Abluminal coating absorbed after 6 to 9 months4

No drug carrier or drug inside the stent

  • Early BMS-like endothelial coverage

  • More targeted drug release

  • Reduced systemic exposure

  • BA9™ Designed Specifically for Coronary Stent Application

  • Unique drug and proprietary of Biosensors International Group, Ltd.
  • Designed for properties that would support healing and re-endothelialization
  • Chemical characteristics allow:

    - delivered with synchronous absorption of proprietary PLA polymer

    - with no loss to the systemic system.

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