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The Company performing business over 160 years. The global supplier of healthcare products for anesthesiology, critical care, oncology, urology, wound healing.
  • Система Enteroport plus від всесвітньо відомого німецького виробника медичного обрудования B.braun - це спеціальний набір для введення ентерального харчування пацієнтам, які втратили самостійну можливість вживати їжу природним шляхом. Така ситуація можлива у пацієнтів з онкологічними захворюваннями, при травмах щелепи, стравоходу, черепа, при опіках, гострих отруєннях, ускладненнях в післяопераційному періоді і після хіміотерапії, непрохідності стравоходу та ін.

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  • Port systems for vascular access in patients with de novo oncology disease for whom multiple chemotherapy sessions are intended. The most sound solution is the port system application at the earliest chemotherapy stage prior to peripheral phlebitis occurrence.
    Due to lack of ambient contact, the port system contamination risk is the lowest.
    An operating period to be specified individually according to indications, 3-5 years maximum.
    • Immediate vascular access when it is necessary to administer medicines or for blood counts
    • Risk reduction as for occurrence of associated phlebitis
    • Allows multiple administration of irritant medicines (chemotherapeutic agents), reduces pain.
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  • Used with port systems. Specifically shaped, not affecting the port silicone membrane. Prevent the membrane from leakage and facilitate the port life time extension.More info
  • Nerve block anesthesia neurostimulators with remote control. 0,1 msec impulse duration. Movable fiber painless stimulation with simultaneous puncture. The remote control secure locking on an anesthesiologist’s wrist. It is supplied with needles for transient nerve block anesthesia. The needle is isolated through the full length, 15° and 30° non-traumatic needle bevel to avoid nerve damage. Built in extending line, and ergonomic needle chamber. More info
  • Depending on intended use, such sets comprise: catheter with radiopaque marks or indelible marking, Omnifix syringe, Luer lock, 5 ml, 15° and 30° needles or Tuohy needles.More info
  • SPINOCAN — fine needle with Quinckle bevel
    PENCAN — fine needle with Pencil point bevel, side opening
    ATRAUCAN— non-traumatic bevel reduces headache occurrence upon puncturing. The needles are used for spinal anesthesia, diagnostic lumbar puncture and cytological biopsy, color code for a stylet handle. More info
  • Automated activation safety clamp. Non-traumatic catheter needle. Additional injection port. Radiopaque catheter.More info
  • INFUSOMAT — a volumetric infusion pump for anesthesiology and critical care. A large screen for vital signs monitoring. Capacity is up to 24 pumps matching by one network cable. Bolus mode «on demand» is available.More info
  • PERFUSOR — a syringe pump for a department of any profile. A large screen for vital signs monitoring. Capability to match several pumps in a single line. Compatible with 20 ml, 50 ml syringe produced by any manufacturer.More info
  • Used for aspiration and injection in multi-dose vials. Antimicrobial air and particle filter.More info
  • Fat emulsion resistant. Withstanding up to 4 bar pressure.More info
  • Depending on intended use, have a plastic cannula, built-in or replaceable needles.More info
  • AntiStop function — a filter air-proof membrane maintains constant fluid level. PrimeStop function — capability of simultaneous preparation of several infusion lines.More info
  • Maintains infusion speed on a constant level long-standing. Equipped with a clamp for transient infusion interruption. Used for gravitation infusion.More info
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