Granugel gel

Granugel is the sterile gel consisting of hydrocolloids (pectin, sodium-carboxymethyl cellulose), the suspension on a transparent viscous essential. The gel hydrocolloid components, interacting with wound exudates, create the wound surface moist environment, promote autolytic debridement, stimulate healing processes. The gel is intended for the wound direct application, maintains required pH level in the wound.


15 g tube – 10 items


  • The gel is used for debridement of crusty wounds and necrotic tissue.
  • Used in treatment of chronic exudative wounds (trophic, diabetic ulcers, pressure sores), as well as acute exudative wounds (atraumatic, surgical wounds)
  • To treat burns and wounds in skin transplantation;


Sensitivity to Granugel components.

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