Granuflex ® Extra Thin hydrocolloid dressing

Granuflex extra thin dressing is the sterile thin hydrocolloid dressing consisting of inner (contacting with wound) layer of hydrocolloids in adhesive polymer matrix, and outer layer of polyurethane film. The dressing contacts with wound exudates making moist environment around the wound, facilitates the wound healing, absorbs the wound exudates and promotes autolytic debridement.


  • 7,5cm х7,5сm – 5 items/pack
  • 10сm х 10сm – 5 items/pack
  • 5сm х 15сm – 5 items/pack
  • 5 cm х 10сm – 10 items/pack


  • To treat low-exudative wounds like small burns, chafes, avulsed wounds, post surgery wounds.
  • Used to treat pressure sores I-II, trophic ulcers, venous and arterial ethiology.
  • Granuflex extra thin dressing may be used upon recovery to protect areas injury- or damage-prone, like pressure sore cells, trophic ulcers, unless skin is restored completely. Such protection may be extended within several weeks, while dressings should be changed once a week.


Granuflex® Extra Thin should not be used for patients with hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to Granuflex extra thin dressing or its components.

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