Aquacel Ag is the single antimicrobial Hydrofiber-technology dressing providing a quick long-lasting antimicrobial effect. Absorbent antibacterial dressing, silver ions- soaked with, is released as soft sterile nonwoven plates, consisting of Hydrofiber material and ionized silver. The silver comprised in the dressing kills a wide range of bacteria in wounds and helps to create antibacterial environment within. The dressing absorbs a great deal of the wound exudates, as well as absorbs bacteria, makes soft gel perfectly fitting and filling the wound, maintaining moist environment therein, and helps to remove necrotic tissues (autolytic debridement) from the wound. Moist environment and control of bacteria proliferation in the wounds facilitate healing process in the body, as well as help to diminish risks of the wound contamination.


  • 5сm х 5сm – 10 items/pack
  • 10сm х 10сm – 10 items/pack
  • 15сm х 15сm – 5 items/pack


  • To treat wounds infected or with high infection risk, diabetic foot ulcers, trophic ulcers (ulcers in venous and arterial failure or mixed ethiology)
  • To treat the second-degree burns, surgical wounds, post-traumatic wounds;
  • In treatment of blastomatous exudative wounds, like mycosis fungoidea, tumors complicated by fungus diseases, cancer skin metastases, Kaposi sarcoma and angiosarcoma


Aquacel Ag should not be used in the case of hypersensitivity to the dressing material and its components.

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